Los Angeles is a global city with global challenges. The way we successfully address these challenges should serve as a model to the country and the world. To fully represent this entire district, it is not enough to oppose the Trump Administration. This district requires a focused vision that brings federal resources to Los Angeles for the economy, housing, education, jobs, transportation, energy, water management, law enforcement, emergency response, and infrastructure. These issues are matters central to the U.S. economy and national security. 

I will fight for our people with the vision of victory that Los Angeles is a model for the world.

Nearly all of our Democratic priorities are in jeopardy. My top four national priorities are the issues that will have generational impact if we fail in facing them: people will die, democracy will be threatened, and the world will be without the U.S. as a leader for peace.



My parents got healthcare under President Obama and I intend for them to keep it. Health is life. Healthcare for its people should be a fundamental goal of government. I will defend against attacks on the Affordable Care Act and attacks on Medicare and Medi-Cal/Medicaid.



Our friends and allies will find no greater supporter, but we must not impulsively deploy the strongest military in the history of the world. I believe in decisive military action. I will personally deploy to defend our country. But our national security does not begin with the way of the sword and does not begin only at our borders. The U.S. must encourage diplomacy, lead the world in economic development, foster self-government, and support our allies around the world in protecting freedom and democracy.




We are a nation of immigrants. We are not going to deport 11 million people. A policy of mass deportations destabilizes our cities, undermines local law enforcement, and contradicts our American values of fairness and justice. I support comprehensive immigration reform in line with the 2013 Senate Immigration Bill.


There is consensus across the scientific community and internationally that human actions are negatively impacting our environment and climate, and that the consequences will be catastrophic for future generations unless actions are taken immediately. Federal funds to improve transportation and infrastructure must be part of a comprehensive plan to reduce our impact. Renewable energy must include retrofitting and improving every house and building to reduce energy use and in turn create jobs. Regional water management must include water storage and restoring the Los Angeles River so that clean water is locally captured. Federal funding should go to Los Angeles universities, colleges, and trade schools to foster a generation of people willing to work to make the city a leader in science and energy. These decade-long projects on infrastructure, energy, and water management are issues of national security and a strong U.S. economy.